About Us

Allegiance Health Management is an acute and post-acute health system based in Bossier City, LA. It is our goal to meet the needs of our patients and offer exceptional customer service.

Our Executive Team

Rock Bordelon

President & CEO

Rock Bordelon is the President and CEO of Allegiance Health Management. Mr. Bordelon brings operational expertise along with professional clinical experience to the acute and post-acute health care industry. Mr. Bordelon’s background in nursing, case management and medical facility management has helped him to develop and structure Allegiance Health Management (AHM) as a company that focuses on patient care, access and overall accountability in community health. Mr. Bordelon is the driving force behind the strategic initiatives of AHM. He is a visionary leader and an advocate for health care accessibility, rural health care and quality patient care. Mr. Bordelon serves on the governing board for all affiliated facilities.

Mr. Bordelon’s clinical knowledge brings insightful leadership to the corporation with a drive for continually improving services, advocating for patients and promoting rural health facilities. One of his main focuses is to change the face of rural health care in order to provide quality patient care throughout rural areas.

Mr. Bordelon leads the organization’s strategic direction and its relationships with external constituents, including elected and government officials, the community and the public. He is also responsible for leading the development and implementation of an integrated enterprise-wide strategy in Louisiana, and surrounding states. His guidance has established Allegiance as a foundation in rural health care, and he will continue the mission to change the face of rural health care.

Don Cameron

Senior Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Cameron designs and implements business strategies, plans and procedures. Mr. Cameron sets comprehensive goals for performance and growth that promotes the company culture and vision of accessible, quality health care throughout rural areas. Mr. Cameron oversees daily operations of the company and the work of executives and develops leadership opportunities to encourage maximum performance. He evaluates, analyzes and interprets data to ensure hospital operations and developing regional health care networks are community-oriented. Mr. Cameron safeguards and augments the efficiency of the company’s operations to facilitate accelerating development and long-term success.

Mr. Cameron is a visionary who participates in the development of the system’s strategic plan, challenges the status quo to develop superior health care in rural areas. By developing a system focused on the operational and patient experience, he has ensured the delivery of exceptional care throughout Allegiance Health Management systems. Mr. Cameron believes that hospitals are about the community and should be a supporting partner in the community.

Mr. Cameron is a native of Louisiana. He has over 35 years of executive management experience in a variety of health care positions. He began his health care career in 1981 with Humana, one of the nation’s largest acute care systems. At Humana, he served as AED-Finance for several facilities and held a Regional Finance position over 22 acute and behavioral health facilities in three states. Mr. Cameron had his own health care consulting company prior to joining AHM.

He serves on the governing board for all affiliated medical facilities of Allegiance Health Management. He has established himself in the medical executive forum as a strategic developer of medical operations, innovation in rural health care accessibility and awareness, team building and implementing operational improvements. He is involved with each facility to establish leadership and community accountability of each of the hospitals affiliated with Allegiance.

Scott Markstrom

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Markstrom is responsible for the oversight of key financial areas, financial strategy, financial reporting, investment and performance, the revenue cycle of Allegiance Health Management and its affiliated facilities. Mr. Markstrom has over 20 years of financial experience in various positions, and a distinguished background in large complex health care organizations.

Prior to joining Allegiance Health Management, he worked for a large Fortune 500 company as well as owning and operating his own health care ventures. Scott has worked in numerous facets of the health care industry, including Acute, Critical Access, LTAC, Physical Rehab, Psychiatric, Nursing Home, Assisted Living, Independent Living, DME, Orthotics and Prosthetics. Prior to joining Allegiance Health Management, Scott was the VP of Accounting for a National Nursing Home and Independent/Assisted Living company in multiple states.

Mr. Markstrom’s distinguished and unique background in both the medical and financial industries gives him valuable insight into the business and medical functions of Allegiance Health Management. He is a leader with demonstrated ability in prioritizing complex projects in all facets of financial services and being able to change management while improving both financial and operating performance. He serves on the governing board for Allegiance Health Management.

Scott Prouty


Scott Prouty, Executive Vice President of Allegiance Health Management, is very involved in our family of hospitals. He feels the grassroots approach is most important and spends most of his time at our facilities working with the CEO and leadership teams offering guidance to ensure that our hospitals and clinics provide the healthcare services needed to their communities. Aside from working with leadership, he also works closely with the communities surrounding each facility, striving to create a stronger, more comprehensive relationship between the hospitals and the communities they serve. Mr. Prouty strongly believes that “each hospital has a moral responsibility to meet the specific healthcare needs of each community, along with offering high quality patient care to each individual within it”.

Mr. Prouty is a native of Hailey, Idaho and proudly served in the United States Army from 1980 – 1986. He came to visit family in Louisiana in 1983 and fell in love with the state.

Mr. Prouty’s journey in the healthcare industry began over thirty years ago when he was working as a Respiratory Therapist in LSU Medical Center’s intensive care units. Eventually, he moved to the administrative side, taking on various operational roles before becoming a hospital CEO. With the expertise of working in several different positions, he brought indispensable insight to Allegiance when joining the team.

Mr. Prouty works in positioning the Allegiance Health Management system for continued success well into the future by assisting in key initiatives for both short- and long-term strategies. He continually analyzes the needs for new programs and service lines. In addition, he is very involved in the recruitment and retention of both physicians and other healthcare professionals to meet each of those needs. Mr. Prouty also works very closely with local, state, and federal representatives to help communicate the complex challenges hospitals continue to face. His work, combined with the efforts of the entire leadership team, provide a level of professionalism and expertise that keeps Allegiance running proudly. He has been a part of the Allegiance Health Management family for over 15 years, lending a hand in numerous roles and creating longstanding relationships within the executive leadership team.